Wednesday, April 29, 2009


Writing with bipolar disorder
is like
swimming in cocoa
When I see the showers outside
soaking in to the grass
I want to stop
drink rainwater
from leaves
let my hair get wet
dress myself with it
dance barefoot
instead I take the green pill
and the orange one
to quiet
the storm
I love

Saturday, April 25, 2009

A Single Person's Shopping List

A small bottle of dandruff shampoo
Two plastic razors
One organic tomato
One pint of half and half
Six brown eggs
One free range chicken breast
Coffee beans
Chamomile tea
A half gallon of GOO GOO Cluster ice cream

Shame Licks At Me

I saunter up to healing
with my praying body
trampling romantic weeds
releasing destructive hormones
Shame licks at me
I shudder
clinging to risk
concealing my regret

Rural Desire

I have a rural desire
peace dissolving like sugar
in a cup of coffee
My breath is tame
I grow socks
on my feet
The frog’s cry
under the front porch
is a simple balm


Spring rain applauds
outside my window
sharing its sorrow
sticking to trees
like honey
twisting the garden
into a green ocean
revealing a dance
of words
falling like